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Some people may call it a memorial, while others may use such terms as monument, tombstone, headstone, gravestone or grave marker. There are numerous choices to decide upon when purchasing your memorial, from colour of granite, to shape of monument, size and style, to what your preferences are for lettering and design. Our knowledge, experience and expertise will assist you with these decisions. We offer computer drawings which will enable you to visualize what your finished memorial will look like.

There are several factors that will affect the cost of your memorial such as size, finish and design. Working with your budget and design ideas, we will help to customize and personalize a memorial that you and your family will be pleased with. Whether it be a memorial needed now, for a loved one who has passed away (“at need”) or whether you would like to preplan (“a preneed”) your own memorial so your family members or executor do not have this task to do on your behalf, we will help you through the process.

With years of working with many different cemeteries, we have a vast knowledge of their regulations and fees. We will coordinate the process from your purchase of the memorial to the installation at the cemetery.